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Fitness orientation: this 30-45 mins consultation and orientation is designed to introduce you to our different category of fitness program, which include firstly visit of our gym in order to introduce you to our equipments and basic component of exercise. Secondly consultation by learned and experienced fitness consultants. Thirdly a demo exercise has been planned as per your requirement at your convince.


It is an extensive 100 days program with 6 days workout in a week under exclusive monitoring of Vishal Sir and his transformation team. Team comprises of expert nutritionist/sports doctor, yoga, kick boxing and functional workout, weight training, flowing, stepper and many other versatile sessions with his expert team as per the requirement of the member to reach their goals. At the end of VSP, the member get one month rehabilitation in general fitness. Value pays off by bringing complete transformation in personality!


It is the manifold of exercise 3days a week, which has been particularly designed for the members who strive towards fitness, with special needs and for whom those want quick results . Training is taken under most experienced group of trainers by Vishal Sir's . Under this, the entire schedule of the member is monitored; day to day routine, diet, relaxing time, active time , which is redesigned to meet the goals of weight reduction or weight gain. Its worth putting money, when you see the results before you know.


This training works under our experienced trainers with you, in order to help you attain your personnel goals. First we will schedule you with the trainer, who will establish your fitness goal and run through a series of assessments. During training session your personnel trainer will use the information acquired during the initial consultation to design a program . The duration of training you purchase is dependent upon your wants and needs.


Interested in something little more affordable than personal training,then we have General Fitness Program . This is design for those , whose requirements are just to maintain discipline or for those who already know how to use gym equipments ,need not any guidance . This program is best suited for people who already have shaped body and normal weight, just need to maintain it.

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